For the last 25 years, we’ve been helping a diverse range of clients harness the power of video, to successfully deliver their messages with impact.

Our clients trust us to devise tailor made approaches that achieve the results they need – whether it’s for product or service promotion, building brand awareness and loyalty, or training or communicating with employees.

We love a challenge and we’re passionate about bringing ideas to life. And we have the experience, knowledge, skills, and the resources, to make it happen. We attend to every little detail along the way – from planning and scripting through to filming and editing.

We like to build long lasting relationships with our clients – by saying “yes it can be done”, and going that extra mile to achieve the best results.

It’s great when a client says “… you always understand exactly what we need … we treat you as part of our team because you behave that way … we can trust you to deliver … you make our life easier …” . 


Based near Guildford in Surrey, we have all the resources in-house and provide a complete package – from script and storyboard development, through to filming and editing; for producing videos, animations, interactive content, and TV commercials. We work with a range of experienced voice artists, and we have an extensive music library.

Everyone in our team has years of collective experience in their specific field of expertise, and we can bring in other specialists to suit the requirements of a particular project.

Our neighbours, Realm create Computer Generated Illustrations, CG fly-throughs, and VR. We often work together to create the component parts for a video. We created their promotional video as well.


Keith Thomas
Keith ThomasSenior Producer and Creative Director
As the founder of Sightline, Keith has over 25 years of experience producing and directing thousands of videos, interactive presentations, and television commercials. He brings a huge amount of directorial, creative, and technical expertise to the table – as well as a wealth of knowledge about the different ways of communicating and encouraging audiences to respond.

Keith’s skills include directing product shoots, as well as presenters, actors, and company people, in promotional and training scenarios. As an interviewer, he has helped thousands of people from all walks-of-life and office deliver their messages with confidence.

ASHLEY KITCHENSenior Editor, Graphic Designer, Director
Following his training at Redhill in art, graphic design and film, Ashley (Ash) developed his abilities as a high-end video editor through years of practice in the corporate film and regional TV advertising world.

He has the creative flair and technical skills to deliver the essential wow factor for engaging and stimulating an audience. He is just as comfortable editing a short video message for the web as he is creating a high-end film with green screen effects and multi-layer motion graphics. Ash is an accomplished camera operator.

PAUL CARDERGraphic Designer, 3D Animator, Editor
Coming from a traditional animation background, Paul has worked in the corporate video and TV industry for over 17 years. He started as a video editor and graphics designer, and over the years has expanded to motion graphics and 3D. He is also a confident camera operator/director.

Paul has been involved in TV channel re-branding and is very familiar with the crazy deadlines and pressure that comes with live TV!

JON HALLOnline Developer and Interactive Programmer
Jon has 20 years of experience with online technologies. His work includes event management web applications for Deutsche Bank and The Design Council, and websites for companies such as JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, and Microsoft.

He has also worked for L’Oreal, RedKen, Vichy, AeroMobile, EON, Vodafone, Bausch and Lomb, Merrill Lynch, Vauxhall, ICC, ECB, and Peppa Pig.

Jon has also created exciting computer graphic sequences for movies such as Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Casino Royale, Skyfall, and Spectre.


We have two camera operators in-house, and a stable of skilled and trusted freelance camera operators and sound technicians, who have filmed thousands of videos for us over the last 25 years.

Our crews work extensively in the corporate and broadcast industry and have a wealth of experience filming a vast range of subjects in all kinds of environments across the UK and worldwide.

They know all the tricks-of-the-trade, and are well versed in the latest camera, audio, and lighting, techniques.

They are equally at home filming on location or in studio. Whether they’re filming products, a corporate promotion, interviews, scenes for a documentary, training, drama, a TV commercial, or a complex green-screen shoot, they effortlessly deliver high quality results.

Most importantly, they are great fun to work with!


Filming a promo video for Rug Doctor

The Drone Team

The Basics of Green Screen and Compositing

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