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What makes us get up in the morning?

No two videos are the same. Every customer’s needs are different. It’s always a challenge. We love what we do.

Since 1986 we have helped thousands of businesses and organisations harness the power of video for delivering information and messages to targeted or universal audiences.

The vast amount of experience and knowledge gained along the way enables us to confidently employ effective and proven methods. At the same time we love the challenge of utilising the latest technology and visual styles to devise new ways of telling stories and engaging audiences.

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the satisfied look on a customer’s face when they view their finished video for the first time. When the planning, scripting, filming and editing has come together to showcase their product or service; to accurately demonstrate a process or train their staff; or to reinforce/endorse their new initiative or campaign.

We aim to build long lasting relationships with our customers. We know this only comes from delivering the best service we can, always saying “yes it can be done”, and going that extra mile to achieve the perfect result.

It’s great when a customers says “… you always understand exactly what we want … we treat you as part of our team because you behave that way …  we can trust you to deliver … you make our life easier …” . 

Our home

We are based in a little village just out of Guildford in Surrey (about 35 miles south of London; 35 minutes on the train from Waterloo) where we have the latest kit for creating video production, TV commercials, interactive presentations, and content for touch screens and virtual mannequins.

Everyone in our small but beautifully formed team has years of collective experience to throw in the mix and help us deliver exactly what we promise our customers.

Right next door is Realm, who create 3D animation, Computer Generated Illustrations and CG fly-throughs. It’s very handy whenever we need those sort of elements in our video productions. And we, of course, provide the production clout for any video elements in their projects.

So, there’s a lot of creative thinking and technical application going on in our village!

Making the Rug Doctor advert

The fun of green screen and compositing

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