Aerial Filming Services

Our aerial filming services are carried out by professionals so you are guaranteed outstanding visuals captured in a safe environment.

Aerial scenes moving across the landscape, revealing buildings, structures, machines, crowds of people, etc., are an exciting way of showing the scale of your business operation or focusing on a particular aspect.

Advances in drone technology have made aerial filming an accessible and affordable option. Before drones the only way was through expensive helicopter or light aircraft filming, which put it out of reach for most businesses. So, there are clear advantages for using a professionally operated drone – or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as professionals prefer to call it – and it allows the video director to get tricky shots in places that a helicopter might be unable to access. Read our blog Getting Aerial Filming Right.

Here at Sightline we love to incorporate aerial shots in our clients’ videos. First and foremost we consider the video’s objectives, then the story, then the messages. If there’s a place for aerial scenes to create an impact and leave a lasting impression, we involve our UAV experts. Have a look at some of their work …

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