BAM Nuttall is a leading Civil Engineering company that prides itself on creating a sustainable future by bringing engineering to life.

Sightline has been producing videos for BAM Nuttall since 2004. It started with a company induction video and over the years has expanded to sets of videos for an annual road show, various Health & Safety initiatives including Beyond Zero and Don’t Walk By, and more recently for key sections of its new website.

We help the company maintain an effective video strategy that targets different audiences for different reasons. We film at project sites and other locations across the UK for creating short videos that deliver important messages to customers, staff and contractors. We have also produced videos for BAM Nuttall’s sister company BAM Construct.

The Website Challenge

To alleviate the need for pages and pages of text, BAM Nuttall wanted its new website to be rich in video content. It wanted a tailored made video about all the key areas of its business both from the customer and employee perspective.

The Solution

We worked with BAM Nuttall to decide if we could utilise previously made videos by re-editing them to suit the purpose and how we could create new videos using archive footage or filming new footage. The key components in many of them would be action shots of project work intercut with sound bites from BAM Nuttall people and customers – to provide easily digestible information.

An important element in some videos would be aerial footage to show the scale and complexity of BAM Nuttall’s work. For example, we sent our drone experts to Peters Village in Kent where the company is building the infrastructure for 10,000 new homes. The weather was perfect and we got some stunning results!

The Benefits

BAM Nuttall now has a website loaded with strategically placed videos. Each one tells a different story and engages with a specific audience. Collectively they showcase the company as an  industry leader – capable, highly skilled, innovative, diverse, and providing a range of career opportunities.

Here are some of the website videos. To see the others visit

Company Introduction

Company Vision

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