It’s at this time of year when we are visited by ghosts, ghouls and children asking the question “Trick or Treat?” However, for some businesses it’s Halloween every day!

In order to be found on the web nowadays you need a promotional video. Whether it shows off your product/service or you just use it as a form of introduction, there are so many reasons why you need a video. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, all love video and video is far more likely than a mere picture to give your audience a thumb stopping moment on their smartphone.

Most businesses are well aware of the impact that online videos can make on their company but your video needs to be of good quality, it must have good clean content and high production values. Without these then your “Frightening Promotional video” probably won’t be watched by many people and may go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Many of our previous blogs help you every step of the way to producing a decent video, from the necessity of storytelling, to writing a clear and concise brief. The main thing to remember when approaching your promotional video is to use a producer who can deliver, and has the equipment and know-how to give your company the gloss and finish it deserves.

There are a lot of frightening promotional videos on YouTube. Just search for them! We aren’t in the business of slating other people’s work, but we do know that no-one wants their promotional video to be found when searching for “Awful Promotional Videos”.

So, let’s look at a couple of good ones and you can see how you can create your video to stand the test of time and be “thumb stopping-ly good”

The Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave club sends men their new razors through the post every month, starting from just $1. This video is the introduction video on their website and was a huge viral success with over 23 million YouTube views to date. What resonates from this and the other videos on their YouTube page is their personality, that shines through. It’s their unique personality and approach that keeps the viewer engaged. The success of these videos mean that the Dollar Shave Club is projected to earn $60million in sales this year. (Please note this video contains explicit language)

Apple Perspective

This Apple advert is a promotional video. It is not selling you a specific product, just reinforcing the Apple brand to audiences. Apple is renowned for their innovative thinking, stylish designs and excellent marketing. This video is one that people will watch over and over to work out how they did it.

Melt Content

Talking of tricks, treats and wondering how they did it, here is one of our videos, we couldn’t resist! Melt Content are a leading SEO company specialising in the travel industry. They wanted a promotional video with a difference and naturally, we obliged!

See, that wasn’t so scary!