Sightline produced six short videos about the restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster – home to the Houses of Parliament.

An overview video provides an explanation of the state of repair of the Palace and how Parliament is working to solve the problems. The other five videos explain particular aspects. One is about the roofs, gutters and drains; the others are about the windows, stonework, mechanical and engineering, and protecting the Palace from fire.

Our director and two-person crew spent 5 days filming around the Palace – from the basement through to the roofs. They also filmed interviews with the key people overseeing the delivery of the multi-million pound project. It was often early morning starts, to avoid the thousands of visitors who walk through the public rooms and corridors each day.

We wrote and recorded a commentary for each video and interspersed this with the sound bites from the contributors – to provide the narrative. Each video begins with a recap of the overall problem, and then goes on to explain a particular issue.

We were commissioned by the House of Lords, who recently told us that the videos have been extremely successful in gaining public understanding of what the problems are and the scale of restoration work involved.

The videos have been viewed by thousands of people – on the Parliament website, as well as on YouTube. See the videos on the Parliament website.

Overview of the Palace of Westminster restoration and renewal project

Roofs, Gutters and Drains



Mechanical & Engineering

Fire System and Alarms