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  • Guide to writing a video production brief

Writing Your Video Brief: Step-by-Step

Turning your ideas for a video into reality starts with a production brief. Generally speaking if you approach a video production company to make your video they will sit down with you to find out [...]

The Ever Changing Trends of Social Media Marketing and the Role of Video

Now more than ever, video is helping to shape the marketing scene. Although video has been an option for a while now, today it should be considered a vital part of a content marketing strategy, [...]

How To Budget For Your Video

It is not uncommon for a new client to come to us with no idea of the likely cost for their video production. As more and more marketing departments and internal communications teams realise how [...]

Great Christmas Adverts

The festive season is nearly upon us, and whether you plan to spend special times with the family or pack your December diary with parties and socials, it will be hard to miss, or [...]

  • Story Telling

The Importance of Storytelling

‘Storytelling’ is a much bandied about word in marketing circles. Regardless of what sector we operate in or whether our business is B2B or B2C, we’re all told that storytelling is the key to conveying our brand message and communicating with our customers. […]

Let Video be the Guide

In our blogs we often talk about how flexible and versatile the video medium is for effectively communicating with specific audiences. And not all videos are about promoting products and services. There is a [...]

  • Delivering to your target audience

Questions To Ask: Who Is Your Video Production For?

One of the first questions we ask clients when discussing their video production requirements is, “who is your target audience?” Without this information the video can lack focus and any objectives for the video production will be harder to meet. […]

5 Common Pitfalls of Video Production

Although video production is now a more affordable communication tool, the time and cost involved in creating successful quality videos means that it’s vitally important to avoid any pitfalls. There are several that can trip [...]

  • Blog Image Explainer Videos Explained

Explainer videos – explained

An explainer video is the ultimate 'does what it says on the tin'.  It provides a short concise explanation or demonstration of a product or service and its benefits to the customer. Generally around 90-seconds [...]

  • Drone for aerial work

Getting aerial filming right

Aerial filming that includes scenes of landscapes, buildings, structures, machines, people and so forth, are all impressive ways of showing the scale of a business operation or focusing on a particular aspect. Advances in drone [...]

  • Rug Doctor How To Videos

Key Factors That Make Great Product Videos

With all the hype and talk about content marketing and its many success stories, is there still room for the straightforward product or service promotional video? You bet your bottom dollar there is! After all, [...]

  • Training image

7 Key Elements For Effective Training Videos

Training videos are an extremely effective way of communicating key information to your employees; whether they're part of a group training exercise or available online on demand for one-to-one training. They can be a stand-alone [...]

  • Video production

Do’s and Dont’s of Video Production

We all know how important video has become over the last few years. Online demand shows no sign of slowing, as people increasingly search for video content to entertain; to answer their questions; to show [...]

  • How to create a storyboard

Developing a Storyboard

A storyboard is essential for developing the structure for your video content (what you are going to show and say, and how) and helping the creative team to understand and get the content right. A [...]