Interactive Content

e-Learning – with video based modules

The e-training for tomorrow (etft) website that we designed and built for the NHS has been growing steadily for a number of years. We create additional interactive content based modules each year.

Its principal role is to help train the assessors and supervisors of foundation doctors and pharmacists in hospitals and general practice. It is considered to be a leading online resource for this purpose in the country.

Each course module contains a set of short videos, with a self-assessment at the end of each one. The successful completion of a module results in a Certificate of Qualification.

Working with NHS project leaders in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex deanery, we film and edit the videos, create subtitled and slide show versions, and then install them on the website. The site integrates with a database which we also maintain.

Visit the website:

etft website

Content for touch screens

Interactive Content touch screens are ideal for retail stores, exhibitions and public places – for promoting, explaining or gathering information from visitors. We design the interface and create the content – including text, graphics, images, and videos. We can also integrate a remote content uploading system.

Virtual Assistant

Sightline produced the first Virtual Assistant (VA) video for Luton Airport – for advising and helping passengers pass through security more quickly and easily.

Virtual Assistants are excellent for announcing important messages to customers, visitors and passersby – repeatedly. We film a presenter talking to camera against a black background (they have to stand very still). The video is then back-projected onto a thin acrylic full size cut-out of the presenter, and their voice is played through speakers directly behind it, to give the effect of them talking to the viewer.

Luton Airport’s VA’s were positioned at the entrance to security check-in, where they announced important information on how to pass through security quickly and easily, including what liquids can be taken through. We also filmed VA videos for Birmingham Airport, London City Airport.

Virtual Assistant – Heathrow Airport

We have installed a complete VA system at Heathrow Terminal 5’s train station. Passengers can select from 6 languages to hear the announcement.

To find out about our Virtual Assistant package, please call 01483 813311.

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