Project Description

Curriculum-Led Simulation for doctors in training

This is one of four videos from the Curriculum-Led Simulation e-learning course for the NHS. The videos follow the stages and procedures for training foundation doctors, to help them prepare for and carry out certain patient care procedures.

Filming ran over two days at a simulation suite at Worthing Hospital.

Sightline has, so far, developed 50 video based e-learning modules for training NHS doctors and pharmacists. The modules are installed on the NHS e-training for trainers (etft) website, which we also designed and developed. The e-learning is for NHS practitioners who are engaged in training and assessing foundation doctors and pharmacists working hospitals and general practice. The etft website became a leading online resource for this purpose across the UK:

The video modules have been used by thousands of  so successful that they have now been transferred into Health Education England’s Educator Hub – which has become the central resource for e-learning across the UK. Visit the Education Hub website page.

To find out more, please read our NHS case study.