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We produce videos for company websites, YouTube channels and social networking.


The e-training for trainers website we designed and created for the NHS is an on-going project with new video based modules added each year.

The modules are for training the trainers of foundation doctors working in hospitals or general practice, as well as foundation pharmacists.

Each module contains between three and eight short videos. Each video is followed by a short self-assessment.

At the end of the module the user completes a final self-assessment in order to receive a total score. If the score is high enough they receive a certificate of completion of the module.

The whole site is slaved to a complex database, which we developed and maintain.

To accommodate the wide differences in PC capabilities and internet speeds across the NHS, each module contains a low and high quality version of the videos, plus subtitles, plus a slide show version with captions.

We produce each module by working with an NHS project leader to develop the narrative, story board and self-assessment Q&As.

We then film and edit the videos, add the subtitles, build the slide shows - and then load all these elements onto the website.

The Brand Success website includes a short video we produced to explain the company’s brand-building process.


Working with Kings College Hospital and the Metropolitan Police, we developed the Care and Evidence site and produced the set of training videos it contains.

The site provides information and advice for professionals who may come into contact with victims of sexual assault. The videos demonstrate the effective care of victims, as well as the collection of best evidence in order to support a court case against perpetrators.